Moebius: Empire Rising

I remember the day I saw Jane Jensen’s fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. As you can tell from the reviews of the Gabriel Knight (GK) trilogy on my blog, I am a huge fan of Jensen’s work. Hence, I pledged a considerable amount without blinking an eye. Everything in the campaign looked so promising, such as Jensen having full control over the design and production, pledgers voting for which game is going to be produced first, and the involvement of Robert Holmes (Jensen’s husband and composer of the music for the GK trilogy). Soon, pledgers (including me) selected the concept of “Moebius” to be the first game that Jensen was going to design in her new studio “Pinkerton Road.” Fast forward to the present time, we finally have the game in our hands. It got mixed reactions from the community so far, and I have to admit that it is not the glorious and legendary comeback from Jensen we were all hoping for. Nevertheless, Moebius is a wonderful thriller and the story alone makes it worth the wait.

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