Moebius: Can You Decipher The Pattern?

Music, as much as story and dialogue, helps to evoke emotion and immerse the player in the setting of a game; Moebius is no exception. Robert Holmes lends his talents as musician and composer to help bring the world to life – and what a diverse world it is. In an email interview conducted with […]

Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary FAQ’s

Who is Gabriel Knight? Gabriel Knight is a Schattenjäger (shadow hunter) who starred in three paranormal adventure games designed by Jane Jensen and released by Sierra On-Line during the 1990s. Known for their rich, mature storylines, all three Gabriel Knight ® games received a bunch of industry awards including Best of E3, Best Story, Adventure Game […]

An FMV Christmas 2013: The Gift of Season’s Greetings

Since most of you have spent the year being shameless kleptomaniacs, thieving anything that isn’t nailed down and generally causing disruption and mayhem wherever you go, chances are you’ve all ended up on Santa’s naughty list. That’s a lot of coal in a lot of stockings if we leave it up to the big boy […]

The music and the mystery of Robert Holmes

For anyone who has ever played Sierra On-Line’s Gabriel Knight, the name Robert Holmes immediately calls to mind the somber sweetness and moody darkness of the games’ music. There are few in the industry who are so instantly recognized by their music as the highly talented Holmes, whose work as a performing musician garners him […]