Thank you for an amazing start!

Just a quick update on our killer first day. We had a great sprint of a start yesterday, 22k, 62% of our base goal to get funded, all thanks to you. The weekly update email went out as well, and is doing great with a 35% open rate and 5% click so far.

We also had a great live stream with over 30 folks joining us last night for 2.5 hours of chat and questions. So many great folks on the team to make this happen, including you! We will be sure to keep you updated here. In the meantime, Please join us on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and follow along as we have some cool activities and content coming, and we’d love for you to be a part of it and help us to keep building awareness! Thank you again for your support and wonderful energy! We can do this!!


Robert and the team

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