What can you tell me about…. Stretch goals?

We are thankful for you!

We are so excited and thankful to have reached our main goal of $35,000 in the first 6 days of the campaign, all due to the amazing support of our fans! As the campaign runs till December 31, We are adding some stretch goals and new rewards that we hope will be interesting to both current and new patrons as well as helping to ensure further flexibility and quality in the albums production and rewards.


Stretch Goals

Our new stretch goal is to reach $50,000 by December 31! If we are able to achieve this with your help, we will produce wonderful sheet music arrangements created by Roger Hooper for all the tracks on the album and will make them available to all backers!

We are also adding several new reward levels including photos of Robert and Jane in the studio with Tim Curry, signed by Robert and Jane, Custom made music boxes featuring Robert Holmes themes, an opportunity to have Robert create your own unique personal song just for you, and additional memorabilia reward slots for the $5000 level. As always, as a backer if you decide to change your level or reward we can make that happen.


We are so amazed by the power of the community to help make this project real. Remember to help us get the word out! We look forward to what we can all accomplish next! Have a wonderful Holiday!




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