It’s December and we have till 12/31 to smash stretch goals and make SEQUEL the best it can be!

We Have 29 More Days!

Lot’s going on this month as we head toward the final weeks of the campaign. We are working hard to reach our stretch goal of $50,000 which will allow us to do sheet music of all the tracks, a video of the main theme, and do more studio upgrades to help ensure SEQUEL will be the very best it can be!

New and Amazing Memorabilia from Robert and Janes Collection Added

We have several of the Shattenjager’s Revenge memorabilia reward slots still available! Don’t miss your chance to own some of these unique signed historical items from Bob and Jane’s Sierra collection!

Live Streams/ Interviews/Press

We’ll be doing lot’s of live streams and interviews as the weeks go forward, starting with one including Lori and Corey Cole this coming Saturday! Check out Roberta’s page for all the latest scheduled streams at: Look for a special Stream on Dec. 19th with a visit by Jane Jensen!

Robert’s Korg Karma Synth Available

Update: Due to a change in pledge, Robert’s personal and collectable Korg Karma Synthesizer is once again available! Don’t miss your chance to own some playable GK and Synth history!

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