Interview on the Retro Rents!

This was a blast.

A retro gaming podcast hosted by three “hardcore” gamer Dads talking about their passion for gaming.


“Guests in the Chair: Composer Robert Holmes! (Gabriel Knight series, Jane Jensen’s Gray Matter, Moebius: Empire Rising, The Scarlet Furies!)

What’s up everyone! Nick and I were SO lucky to get a chance to sit down and chat with Musician and Composer Robert Holmes! Many of you will recognize his beautiful score in the Gabriel Knight series. But did you know he was ALSO the Producer for Gabriel Knight?! We dive into that amazing tidbit and more as Robert tells us his story in the PC Gaming industry, pushing the envelope of what music can and should be in interactive media, as well as his exciting Kickstarter project for Sequel! (link below)

We hope you enjoy this as much we did!”

Listen to Episode 83 – A Chat with Robert Holmes – Composer, Musician, Industry Pioneer (direct link)

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