Love you all!


Several months ago I was trying out a new multitrack recorder to use for “quick sketches” of song ideas. To make it easy I used some of my older keyboards from back in the gaming days. The finished tune was called “A Song For Oberon”.


I shared it with a few friends, and many gave feedback like “This is so YOU”, or “This sounds like it could of come from a GK game”. This got me thinking. What if I started a new project in that direction? Something to honor that past music, but give me a framework for a new collection of new melodies? It really was just a personal idea to give myself some guardrails for a defined project.

One thing led to another, mostly through casual conversations, and before I knew it we had a team of passionate and talented people who were throwing their energy, focus, and ideas at me making an album based on the idea. No-one really knew where it would head, but we agreed that Kickstarter might give us an effective way to both fund the process of creating the album, and share it effectively with the people who might enjoy it the most. This was followed by months of daily and constant effort by the team.

Then you all came along.

Your passion, support, and action has turned what was once a casual idea into a real and developed project that will give me great focus in the coming year, and hopefully enjoyment and connection for all of you as we move through the process of creating and manifesting the end result.

Every expression from you has been a wonderful validation and affirmation of the joy and power of music. The value of each of your commitments is not lost on me. They mean the world to me. Thank you for being my partner on this journey. I look forward to sharing the path and the results together.


Happy New Year!


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