Moebius: Empire Rising

TwitterFacebookGoogle+I remember the day I saw Jane Jensen’s fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. As you can tell from the reviews of the Gabriel Knight (GK) trilogy on my blog, I am a huge fan of Jensen’s work. Hence, I pledged a considerable amount without blinking an eye. Everything in the campaign looked so promising, such as […]

Moebius Review Roundup

TwitterFacebookGoogle+Moebius: Empire Rising has been out for just slightly over a week now and reviews have been pouring in from various review outlets. So why don’t we take a look at what some of the reviewers out there thought of our game? – See more at: Moebius: Empire Rising has been out for just […]

The Casual Gamer Reviews Moebius: Empire Rising

TwitterFacebookGoogle+Jane Jensen, brilliant creator of the Gabriel Knight series, spent the 2000s making smaller-scale casual mysteries but these days she’s back doing what she does best. With brand new point-and-click, Moebius: Empire Rising, Jensen hopes to draw in a new generation of adventure gamers; the likelihood of this though is uncertain, due to the game’s […]

Moebius: Can You Decipher The Pattern?

TwitterFacebookGoogle+Music, as much as story and dialogue, helps to evoke emotion and immerse the player in the setting of a game; Moebius is no exception. Robert Holmes lends his talents as musician and composer to help bring the world to life – and what a diverse world it is. In an email interview conducted with […]