Music Cover Contest
Now’s your chance to show the world what you’ve got, and get your cover on the new Robert Holmes album “SEQUEL”! Here’s the details:
1.Submit your cover of a Robert Holmes tune from The GK Series, Gray Matter, Moebius, or The Scarlet Furies by August 31, 2022  to be considered.
2. You can submit your links to YouTube, Vimeo, or Soundcloud posts on our website at
3 You can also upload your file directly to us at the above link as well.
4. You must post your submission on all your Social Media with a link to our Kickstarter for the new album
5. Robert will select the winner or winners following the close of our Kickstarter on 12/31, and winning submissions will be included on the new album!
6. Anything you add or change in musical approach or arrangement does not constitute cowriting. All compositions are by Robert Holmes.
7.You agree to give us the right to use your submission in press and social media
8. We will post all submissions on the fan page of our website so everyone get’s to be shared and enjoyed! There are no musical rules, have fun with it!