Possible submissions issues

Hi there to all you wonderful folks My names Branden, Bob and I go back awhile and I am the tech dude for the website I wanted to let you all know that if anyone is having issues with  the form submissions this is due to our security checks on the backend for members having … Read more

New Reward Added + new live stream

We’ve added a Special New Reward, Robert’s Korg Karma Synthesizer Robert’s personal Korg Karma synthesizer, used on GK3, Gray Matter, Moebius, and will be used on SEQUEL prior to delivery. Still in great condition. No longer made, one of the very best synths for motion and textures. Signed by Robert and Jane, with a letter … Read more

You Are Amazing! We Are Funded

It’s day 6 of the campaign and thanks to your unbelievable support and action we have reached our main funding goal and still have 41 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing community you are! It means so much to know the music is appreciated and this new work will have a home with listeners who care.   We … Read more

Music Cover Contest

    Do you love Robert Holmes music? Have you ever liked it so much that you made your own cover version or thought about it? Ever wanted to be part of something awesome? if you answered yes to any of those well… Now is your chance! check out our contest page for details. Music … Read more

Sequel incoming!

  We would love to announce something special…. A new album! Get the latest on our upcoming Kickstarter Campaign “Sequel”, the new album of Gabriel Knight style Game Themes. Check out the link below to find out more about this exciting project Join us for our launch November 15 to rally the troops. Please share … Read more

A simple Refrain AVAILABLE NOW!

A simple Refrain A collection of favorite themes from Gabriel Knight ; Sins Of The Fathers, GK2: The Beast Within, Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of The Sacred, Blood of The Damned, Gray Matter, and Moebius Empire Rising, performed in all their romantic sweep and emotional splendor for solo piano by renowned Pianist/Composer Roger Hooper. Holmes … Read more